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Intuitive Hands-On Healing Workshop Intensive

Kerry Palframan offers a unique opportunity to expand (or begin) your healing skills as you learn estoteric and mystery school methods for intuitive healing. Open to your 6th and 7th senses as Kerry helps you understand how to recognize and use your own unique healing talents and skills.

Every person has the ability to do healing work. Kerry helps you tap into, and grow into, your own unique way. Lots of creative and innovative ideas that are outside the norm in traditional hands-on healing workshops.

Learn how to gather hold space, energy, ground, trust your senses and learn how to communicate with your greater self and spirit guides. Novice and experts welcome. 65 page manual included.

This workshop is 12 hours in length and is usually split up into 4 classes of 3 hours each.

Only 6 participants minimum will be accepted for this class to insure exclusivity for you and greater attention for your personal growth. Kerry's intent is to assist you in learning to become self directed; to know and recognize Your Own Truth and give you the tools you need to negotiate the waters of your own life.

Cost: $1795.00 per person

For More Info Or To Book Your Private Workshop On Intuitive Hands-On Healing Click Here

Cancellation Policy - Kerry tries to accommodate all participants. However, if 48 hour cancellation notification is not given a 50% fee will apply.


Feedback About this Workshop

Never A Dull Moment
"The Intensive Hands-On Workshop was fantastic.We are blessed to have  you (a wonderful  mentor and guided instructor) who speaks and guides us  from personal experience. Your prayer of intent and protection is a great one and I plan to use it in my Reiki and smudging ceremonies. The diverse capacity of individuals we had in this session made the seminar interesting and confirmed that we all have wonderful methods for spiritual  connectivity and healing work. The breakup of groups was very well thought of; and  your feedback and encouragement and helpful hints during each of our  work group sessions was greatly appreciated. There was never a dull moment in this seminar; and you held the audience captive from the 1st word you spoke to  your last goodbye. 
Even with the numerous questions you responded to; we still were able to gather useful information from the  response you provided to the individual who asked it. I look forward to more seminars with you.  And by the way; I am still smiling. Thank you."
                                                      G.C., Ottawa, Ontario 

Insight and Confirmation
" I definitely enjoyed this workshop, and how much hands on practice there was. I found I received a lot of insight and confirmation of my own messages - which was fantastic! Thank you."
                                                         M.F., Ottawa, Ontario

New Techniques
"Thank You for the great workshop. I learned how to bring it all together.  Different modalities can all be used together. I especially enjoyed watching you demonstrate different techniques that you knew."
                                                          R.R., Ottawa, Ontario

Exceeded Expectations
"I loved it. Lots of different methods and I liked the break-out sessions. I loved it all. It exceeded my expectations and its the best class you've given (and I've attended almost all your workshops!). Thank you."
                                                           S.B., Ottawa, Ontario

Intuition Expanded
"Thanks for being the facilitator of this positive and wonderful workshop.I will be able to use more of my intuition in my everyday life and practice. Keep sharing your talents and encouraging your nurturing ways for others."
                                                             D.T., Ottawa, Ontario

Trusting Self More
"This workshop was a bit overwhelming for me (a beginner) but I have learned to trust myself and my intuition more. I learned how to channel energy and receive more messages from my guides. It was great to work with you Kerry."
                                                             M.T., Ottawa, Ontario

First Hands-On Workshop at Age 70
"Although I am 70 years old an been practicing my own version of hands-on healing for 10 years, this was my first actual hands-on healing workshop. You have great knowledge about your teachings and I was able to take the next step for me, especially in regards to my own healing. I wish to thank you for doing this great work. Humanity needs a lot of people like you."
                                                             Arthur, Ottawa, Ontario

"Kerry's 'medicine' helped me to recognize the core issues in my life that I am currently struggling with. It was with her that I was able to trace the dots of my everyday symbols and teachings to the grander picture of my soul energy."

--Dorothy, Nova Scotia